My five.

a. Print is the ultimate quality checker.

b. Carrying a tripod is not an arduous job; make a habit of carrying one.

c. Make it as a habit to use the crop tool while processing, it is your second compositional tool.

d. Learn to delete images pitilessly.

e. Clean your gears by yourself.  

PRINT – Given the situation today that our life is filled with screens everywhere, from Smartphone, tablet, laptop and to your workstation, Print appears to be not a required one. But remember print is your ultimate quality checker, what you see in your screen is not the same when you try to make one, to print what you see on your screen, itself is a great job and remember, to see your work on a paper will give you a sense of yours  feeling. Which no screen will give you. And most importantly photographs not just made to see via screens, they are meant to be printed framed and hung.

TRIPOD – It is not difficult to carry a tripod then to find a situation on your travel where you need a tripod or a tripod would improve significantly. Better carry one tripod regardless of where you travel either on a family outing or paid trip or friends outing. You never know what kind of situation you might face.  

CROP tool – Not everyone’s tool or it is required to use one. But try to use it on every image will bring out your compositional power. Next time you will be more conscious about composition when you head out with your camera. Try it differently try new aspect ratios, you don’t have to stick with the one comes with your camera. Exclude some portion of the image, try out 1 * 1, it is interesting one.  

DELETE – Yeah, one difficult thing probably and this is the one I have learnt recently. Delete images pitilessly, you have to learn which one to keep and which one delete. Review it immediately once you take or when you come back from the shoot sit back on the couch and delete what you don’t want and second refinement probably on the computer screen before you push it in to your editing software. Another important reason is being digital, you tend to take more images because you have got the flexibility to delete it. Thanks to digital, This doesn’t let you to keep all the Okay okay images, you don’t have to keep those images.

CLEAN – This one may not be possible all the time particularly when you are busy with your shoots and deliverables. But when you have got some little time clean your optics, camera, tripod etc.,will give you a sense of satisfaction and a feeling which nothing else can give you.

10 thoughts on “My five.

  1. Your ideas here are very true. I have had a DSLR camera for almost 3 years as a retirement hobby. I have fallen in love with the artistry of photography, of being able to share beauty as I see it. Interesting that I just got up enough courage to start printing my photos about 6 months ago – all for the reasons you give for printing them. I didn’t think my photos were good enough to print even though I was getting a lot of positive feedback on my blog. I also appreciate your saying to crop. I have so much fun making my photos ecstatically pleasing through cropping but felt like I was cheating. Thanks for alleviating my guilt.


    • Thanks Pat, Glad you started to print your photographs. There is nothing wrong in cropping the image, because you have composed carefully while taking the photograph, even than there are possibilities for to exclude a small vertical portion or a small horizontal portion or a small horizon/vertical tilt or some other ratios to make the photograph visually more appealing. Happy clicking. 🙂


  2. I didn’t respond to the delete item. I have found that I am deleting more and that it is forcing me to aim higher with that subject next time. Except when we are traveling, I know that there will be other opportunities to do it better.


  3. I do agree with all your above points.. i would also add a ND filter to make it as SIX!
    Mainly for landscape photography due to the fact that certain areas in the frame got blown out due to overexposure when we try to increase the exposure for some other areas which have more shadow! Also it would be helpful for long exposure pictures during daylight, say waterfalls..


    • Excellent option to carry around with you to the field. I would love to make more seascapes and waterscapes with ND filter. “Lee filters” are making some excellent products.


  4. My own photography is basic ‘point-and-click’ with a goodly helping of serendipity. I started with a Brownie 127, my present cameras are an elderly Olympus and a Canon with a fantastic zoom. With current technology anyone can take a competent shot but it still needs that ‘X’ factor for good shots (long may it last).
    We seem to go through a stage where we shoot anything that moves and gather hundreds of snaps for later weeding (never ruthless enough) but I like to think I’m past that now (hah! I wish) and I try to get just one good image (with the occasional ‘insurance’ shots, of course).
    And thank you for the excellent advice, very much appreciated.


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